About the Summit

Bishop James Tindall, Founder of the Urban Summit 

In January 2008, Bishop James Tindall, Sr., 2nd District Jackson County Legislator, convened the first Urban Summit.  It brought together elected officials and urban residents to discuss Economic Development; Crime and Substance Abuse; Education; Health Care; Neighborhood/Housing; and Integration.  Foremost on the minds of the Urban Summit planners and participants was the need to elevate African American families and provide a blueprint of how community and elected officials could help.

Be the change we need!! Today, we are empowering all Urban Summit attendees to be full participants in changing our community.  May the knowledge and wisdom you acquire from the speakers, workshops and networking, equip you to develop your personal roadmap to making a difference in our community over the next decade.

The Mission of the Urban Summit is to develop initiatives to foster community relations,

enhance economic growth and improve the quality of life in the Urban Core.

Our Outcomes

• Led efforts to secure positions for 12 professionals to serve in key governmental decision making roles

• Advocated for diversity on judicial panels

• Launched and maintained several effective prison release programs

• Convened key leaders to obtain partnerships for economic development

• Mobilized to increase funding for central city charity organizations/initiatives




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